Symphony no.1: Kasabian’s 48:13


High energy,profound bass and labyrinthine layers of sound is what comes to mind on first consumption of this album
On browsing the review section of iTunes in curiosity,I scrolled through reviews titled as “Pants” “Terrible” and even “Dross”.Many complained of Kasabian “changing” and some described it as Kasabian’s best album yet. My mind flickered through all these states as the duration of 48:13 passed, 48:13 left me in a state of contention as to whether this album is one to enjoy,as it is not far from previous works.

The introduction “(shiva)” warns the listener the distorted electronic and orchestal sounds that will be used during the album,the interludes are used to mark transition in sounds throughout the album,”(levitation)” introduces the use of neo-psychedelia and “(mortis)” introduces the use of abstract electronic melodies.

Pizzorno keeps within the band’s  conventional mould of zany lyrical content and cross genre exploration,”stevie” “doomsday” and”explodes” accurately depict this ideal. The album relies heavily on the typical pop structure of verse-chorus-bridge.Heavy instrumentation and rhythmic patterns are used to make tracks alluring.An interesting,sample is used to conclude the track “glass”,it is unclear what message was trying to be conveyed through the use of this.The album closes with the two downtempo tracks “s.p.s” and “bow” weaning the listener away from the consistent pop song structure used in the album.

Overall,If you’re looking for an upbeat Alternative Rock album with heavy electronic influence,this album is perfect.If you’re looking for a heavily experimental Kasabian record that differs from their previous work,this is not the ideal one.

Tracks to Download:

bumblebee:  an upbeat guitar riddled track which sounds a bit like a sequel to “Vlad the Impaler” from their Empire album,it’s hard not to bob your head to the chanted chorus and rousing vocals

treat: a funky polyphonic texture with trumpets,trombones,deep bass and electric guitar which sounds like the offspring of Franz Ferdinand and Soft Cell.the swinging nature of the vocals in the chorus allows the use of repetition to be positive and dancey.

clouds: a piece heavily influenced by psychedelia,with heavy synthesizer and a repetitive reference to intoxication.