Criticism of Beyonce’s Lemonade: Not by an Old White Man

Upon seeing that Piers Morgan had commented on Beyonce’s new visual album, I foolishly hoped for some constructive criticism.In the visual album LEMONADE, Beyonce successfully epitomizes the arduous process of black womanhood, your hair becoming a political statement, your disobedience, and emotional outbursts becoming a dominant representation of your race and your features only being desirable on “Becky with the good hair”. Morgan’s commentary simply emphasizes the message in Beyonce’s visual representation of black womanhood and the emotion turmoil that comes with it.Jamelia summed it up perfectly in her open letter to Piers Morgan in stating…

You are a middle aged, British white man. You have no idea, I repeat: NO IDEA what it is like to be a black woman, and furthermore the sacrificial, struggle-filled, tongue-biting, mask-wearing fight it is to become a successful one

Arguably Beyonce has driven for this success through embracing her culture visually however much like her peers in the music industry she has monopolized from independent and underground. Ibeyi, Ezra Koenig, Father John Misty and various alternative artists are given credit, “recognition” or “exposure” remains their reward. By catering to her black audience, Beyonce is successfully marketed as controversial, as white fans who see the world continuously represented with them as the majority, begin to see themselves as a minority for about an hour and five minutes. The work of independent writers, artists and cultural critics on twitter, however, is made into a commodity through this, the labor of those running #Blacklivesmatter or #Blackgirlsaremagic on twitter is made into a temporary product to be scrutinized,experienced and toyed with by white executives and company owners. What appears to be an open embrace of racial politics and identity is actually the careful observation of those in marketing research racking in what they can from the free labor of young people on social media.

Thankfully Beyonce is a charitable individual, or at least appears to be involved in the movement,she was seen at the Justice for Trayvon Rally. I guess only time and social media will tell us if the embrace of racial politics and radical feminism is a temporary trend or an actual fight for freedom.